# Introduction

The ORATS 1-minute Data API retrieves 1 minute SMV data by symbol and date & time ranges.


Access to Live 1-minute Data API requires a Tradier Brokerage active trading account. Delayed snapshots are available to non-Tradier customers.


There is a 1000 request per minute limit for the data API.

# Authentication

All requests must be sent with a valid token parameter in the URL with your secret token.

This is a premium service, please email us at support@orats.com to signup and receive a token.

If you need help with your token, email us at support@orats.com.

Example Request to get AAPL strikes chain on 8/10/2022 at 11:30am EST

curl -L "https://api.orats.io/datav2/hist/one-minute/strikes/chain?token=your-token&ticker=AAPL&tradeDate=202208101130"

# Symbol and Date Coverage

We cover all symbols going back August 2020 for Strikes Chain, Implied Monies, and Summaries end points.

We cover dates going back January 2022 for Option by Opra.

You can find the list of symbols we cover for Option by Opra end point here (opens new window)

If you see any missing symbols or want to see a symbol listed, please email us at support@orats.com.

# Data Format

1-minute data comes in CSV format.